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Mexican consulate expanding its mobile offices in NY area


Mexico’s consulate general in New York City announced yesterday that consular officials will expand their mobile services due to public demand.
The consulate already has a mobile office traveling through the tri-state area helping Mexican citizens acquire passports and other documents like the matricula consular, an identification card that Mexican citizens living in the United States can use to open bank accounts.
This week that mobile office is in Brooklyn, and starting yesterday a second office began service in Bridgeport, Conn. through Sunday.
Ruben Beltran, Mexico’s consul general, said that Mexican residents in New York, Connecticut and New Jersey will now have three offices where they can obtain documents and do consular business.
Beltran added in his press release that the second mobile consular office fulfills Mexican President Felipe Calderon’s promise to strengthen Mexican consular services in the United States. Here is part of the Spanish-language press release:

El Consulado General de México en Nueva York informa que en respuesta al crecimiento de la población mexicana en el área tri-estatal, a partir de hoy inicia labores una segunda unidad del programa Consulado Sobre Ruedas.

“Una de las unidades del Consulado sobre Ruedas ya está atendiendo solicitudes de pasaportes y matrículas consulares en Brooklyn, como ya se había publicado en nuestro calendario de atención y la nueva unidad sobre Ruedas hará lo mismo de hoy al domingo en Bridgeport, en Connecticut. De esta forma son tres los centros de atención que hemos puesto simultáneamente al servicio de nuestros paisanos a lo largo y ancho del área tri-estatal: Esta semana estamos en Brooklyn, en Connecticut y en la sede consular en Manhattan”, dijo el dijo el Cónsul General, Emb. Rubén Beltrán.

Cabe señalar que generalmente, mientras la primera unidad sobre ruedas está a disposición del público mexicano de martes a sábado, la segunda está abierta de miércoles a domingo; ambas con horario de atención de 9 de la mañana a 3 de la tarde y sin necesidad de concertar cita.

Posted by egarcia on Thursday, April 10th, 2008 at 7:00 am |

Mexicans divided too on Obama, Clinton


Never mind Pennsylvania for a moment — which Democrat would take Mexico in a primary?

Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama came in dead-even with 31 percent each in a recent survey, according to La Plaza blog, which spotted the story in the Mexican newspaper Reforma. Some 51 percent of Mexicans say a Democrat would be better for their country, and 18 percent favor the Republicans.

Posted by Leah Rae on Monday, April 7th, 2008 at 4:35 pm |
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Yonkers Middle School organizes an “Immigration Celebration”


About 100 students at Yonkers Middle School will perform an “Immigration Celebration at 7 p.m. on April 10 at their school.
The free, multicultural event will feature performances by the Dawn McMahon Dance Studio (Irish dance), Ballet Folklorico Espiritu de Mexico and the Asociacion Cultural Dominicana de Yonkers.
The evening will also include an international runway in which students dressed in their countries’ traditional dress will take to the catwalk.
The evening will conclude with a rendition of George M. Cohan’s “You’re a Grand Old Flag” and an international dessert buffet.
Yonkers Middle School is located at 150 Rockland Ave. in Yonkers.

Posted by egarcia on Saturday, April 5th, 2008 at 4:50 pm |
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Port Chester police: illegal immigrants kept in attic, threatened after crossing border


A breaking story in Port Chester from Leslie Korngold:

PORT CHESTER – A Texas man was arraigned today after police said he transported illegal immigrants from Texas, held five of them in a Port Chester apartment and threatened to cut off their fingers with pruning shears if they didn’t ante up more money.

guerrero.jpgJohn Ernest Guerrero Jr., 22, of Pearland, a 6-foot 3, 350-pound man, was arrested by seven officers after the captives escaped an attic apartment in which they were being held without food, police said. Police are seeking a second and possibly a third captor.

Two men from Brazil were found on Poningo Street Saturday afternoon, allegedly after escaping from the apartment in 123 Haseco Ave., a triplex Victorian-style building. They alleged they had been held there four or five days after being transported there by two men in a white Chevrolet after they crossed the Mexican border into Texas.

Police said the men – ages 30 and 50 – were uninjured despite not having eaten and having been involved in a fight with their captors that resulted in their escape. The struggle came, police said, after one captor held a small wire cutter to the pinky of one man Saturday and demanded $2,000 more than the $10,000 they had each paid to get into the United States.

Guerrero was charged this morning with first-degree attempted robbery, a felony, police said. He was being held on $100,000 bail and is due back in Port Chester village court Thursday. He had no prior rap sheet, police said. He had absolutely no identification on him, but claims to be a U.S. citizen, they said.

While a total of five men reportedly escaped the apartment; only two have come forward, police said.

“Given our population, it is likely this (imprisoning illegals) happens on occasion, but we don’t hear about it,” Detective Lt. Royal Monroe said.

“If someone is the victim of a crime, we don’t contact anyone (in immigration enforcement). We don’t want anyone to hesitate reporting a crime,” Chief Joseph Krzeminsky said.

Police did call in federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) investigators but said it was only to help find the suspects, not to pursue the victims, who have been placed with family elsewhere in the United States.

Krzeminsky said police hoped the other three alleged victims would come forward to aid in the investigation. He noted that police can help protect victims who are illegal immigrants from being deported if they assist in a criminal case.

The second man police are seeking is a Hispanic man in his early 20s, who is about about 5′ foot 6 -7″ tall, weighing 175 pounds with a very short buzz cut. He may be wearing two earrings, police said. He fled in a black four-door Toyota suburban utility vehicle, police said. Police had a partial description of a possible third man.

Police said this is an ongoing investigation which may result in additional charges against Guerrero.

Anyone with information on the matter is asked to call Port Chester police at 914-939-8419. All calls will be kept confidential.

Posted by Leah Rae on Monday, March 31st, 2008 at 4:05 pm |

As construction season begins, Mexican consulate in NYC issues alert


The Mexican consulate in New York City issued a Spanish-language press release this week asking Mexican immigrants to be conscious of safety while working at construction sites. The announcement notes that employers are required to take safety measures and it urges Mexican nationals to report unsafe conditions to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration without worrying about immigration status. Here is a copy of the release:


El Consulado General de México en Nueva York, en víspera de la temporada más activa del año en la industria de la construcción, informa a la comunidad mexicana que las disposiciones de seguridad en el trabajo para obreros y empleados de dicha industria son obligatorias para los empleadores y conmina a los mexicanos a observarlas.

Consciente de la necesidad de información, prevención y protección de los trabajadores mexicanos del gremio y de que éstos representan uno de los motores de dinamismo económico de la ciudad de Nueva York, donde las fatalidades entre hispanos debidas a accidentes de construcción se han duplicado desde 2003, el Departamento de Protección del Consulado de México asesora a los mexicanos sobre la forma de presentar quejas ante las autoridades correspondientes, distribuye material informativo sobre seguridad en el trabajo y coordina campañas de prevención dirigidas a patrones y tabajadores.

Cabe mencionar que a este efecto, el Consulado suscribió un acuerdo de colaboración con la Administración de Seguridad y Salud Ocupacional (OSHA) del Departamento del Trabajo desde 2005, en el marco de la Carta de Intención suscrita entre la Secretaría de Relaciones Exteriores de México y la Administración de Seguridad y Salud Ocupacional del Departamento del Trabajo de Estados Unidos de América, de 2004. El objetivo fundamental del acuerdo es fortalecer la protección de los derechos laborales de los trabajadores mexicanos residentes en los estados de Nueva York y Nueva Jersey, así como incrementar la vigilancia sobre las condiciones mínimas de seguridad en el empleo y al mismo tiempo difundir esos derechos.

Sin importar su origen o calidad migratoria, los trabajadores tienen pleno derecho de reportar condiciones inseguras en su lugar de trabajo e interponer quejas ante el Departamento de Protección del Consulado 1-800-724-7264 o directamente a OSHA 1-800-321-6742.

Asimismo, los patrones o contratistas, conforme a la ley, tienen la obligación de proveer protección a sus empleados sin importar su calidad migratoria. Dicha protección incluye el uso de dispositivos anti-caída, la provisión de atuendo y equipo apropiado para cada labor riesgosa, entre otras medidas de seguridad en el lugar de trabajo.

El Consulado General de México reafirma su compromiso de continuar fortaleciendo e incrementando las acciones de protección preventiva en favor de la comunidad de trabajadores mexicanos del área triestatal.

Posted by egarcia on Thursday, March 13th, 2008 at 8:25 am |

An update on hate groups


The Southern Poverty Law Center reports today on the growth of hate groups and racially motivated crimes in its 2007 edition of “The Year in Hate.”

The increase in hate groups, from 602 to 888 since 2000, is “attributable to the exploitation by hate groups of the continuing debate about immigration,” the report says. “And it comes on top of some 300 other anti-immigration groups, about half listed by SPLC as ‘nativist extremist,’ formed in the last three years. ” The Federation for American Immigration Reform, which SPLC has listed as a hate group, has a response here.

One incident noted by SPLC is the case of Miguel Vega, a 32-year-old man who was beaten to death in Yonkers in 2006. On June 15 of that year, he was targeted by robbers who though he was Mexican, and punched, kicked and stomped on by as many as 14 people. He died from his injuries three days later. Vega was actually from Peru.
A story about the case is linked here.

Posted by Leah Rae on Monday, March 10th, 2008 at 12:58 pm |


Yonkers gets a visit from the Mexican consulate


The Mexican consulate’s Consulado sobre ruedas launched last month to bring a week’s worth of consular services to Mexican immigrants in the tristate area. The idea is that Mexicans don’t have to travel to the Mexican consulate’s overcrowded Manhattan offices. The Consulado sobre ruedas will visit Yonkers from March 4 to March 8 from 9 a.m. to 3 or 4 p.m. Consular officials will set up their office at St. Mary’s/Immaculate Conception church, 103 So. Broadway. For more information call Martha Pisculli at 914-376-5310 or log on to the Mexican consulate’s web site.

Posted by egarcia on Friday, February 22nd, 2008 at 7:00 am |

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