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From Congress to the No. 7, renewed focus on the Dream Act


The No. 7 subway line in NYC is one of the places where young immigrants are rallying for the DREAM Act today, according to organizers from Make the Road New York. Sen. Harry Reid is promising a test vote this week on the long-proposed legislation that would set out a legalization path for undocumented students.

The DREAM Act is considered one of the more winnable pieces of immigration reform, but the political prospects are apparently uncertain. Many young voices, though, are mobilizing.

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3 Responses to “From Congress to the No. 7, renewed focus on the Dream Act”

  1. American Medical Exams

    The DREAM Act Should be considered. If we are going to allow illegals to become citizens they should have education available

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    We should support dream act. We need it for the greater good of our people.

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  3. Matthew Lesko

    The more free money the gov’t gives away the better.

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