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John Coyne, an author who lives in Pelham, edits a busy website where Peace Corps volunteers come together to commune, gossip, critique each other’s writing, and talk about world events. Have a look at Peace Corps Worldwide and the related blogs. I wrote about the site for The Journal News.

The site makes interesting reading whether you’re a ‘PCV’ or not. I took an interest in Coyne’s writing tips, and of course the food blog, I Don’t Speak Cuisine. The site is independent of the corps itself, so the writers and commenters speak very freely.

Peace Corps volunteers have a special obligation to share their experience overseas with other Americans when they get back. This is known as the “third goal,” along with providing training and representing the U.S. abroad.

Next year is the Peace Corps’ 50th anniversary, and Coyne is helping to plan readings by former volunteers at libraries around the country. He is also planning a new series of books by PCVs.

Coyne is communications manager at the College of New Rochelle.

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