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Jim Russell to speak tomorrow on job loss, campaign says


Congressional candidate Jim Russell hasn’t responded to calls this morning about his essay purporting to make “sociobiological” arguments against racial integration. His campaign manager, Frank Morgenthaler, said Russell will make a public appearance tomorrow to talk about job loss, health care and failed border security.

“These are the issues that are out there,” he said. “The campaign is about the problems our country faces today.”

Morgenthaler declined to comment about Russell’s essay, and criticized the press for ignoring Russell’s campaign. He said the media was avoiding the above-mentioned issues in favor of “mud-slinging.” Russell is a Republican running against Rep. Nita Lowey in the 18th District.

“We’re in a situation now where our country is on the brink of death almost,” Morgenthaler said. “That’s a heck of a lot more important than any articles or any spin that the incumbents want to put on it. Obviously the incumbent cannot defend her poor record. The people of this county are suffering, the people of this district are suffering because of her poor performance in office.”

A campaign press release says Russell will appear at 12:30 p.m. in front of the Labor Department office in White Plains.

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