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Paladino vows to ‘send state police’ in immigration enforcement


Carl Paladino, the Buffalo developer running for governor, was asked about immigration during an interview today with the Journal News Editorial Board. His web site says he opposes any “political solution aimed to absorb illegal immigrants into the fabric of America. These people took advantage of the United States; they broke our laws and many jumped on New York’s Medicaid and social welfare systems the day they arrived.”

A video of the interview can be seen here. Immigration comes up 41 minutes in.

He brought up immigration while talking about Indian casinos. (Indian casinos came up in response to a question he apparently misheard about the Indian Point nuclear power plant.)

You can’t be a resident of the state of New York if you’re not legal. So if you’re not legal, you go. That’s it. I’ll send state police and I’ll encourage all the local police departments to go out and we will also ensure that they not receive any benefits. We’re going to require proof of identification, proof of citizenship or a green card, and if they don’t have it, they’re gone. It’s going to lower the population of New York City for a while.

He was asked about a vow to put illegal immigrants on a bus to detention centers.

Generally if you’re an illegal immigrant, go and get yourself legal, or we don’t want you in our borders. We don’t want you in this state. Leave. Go someplace else.

I could almost hear immigration lawyers raising a favorite follow-up question of theirs: How do you make illegal immigrants “get legal” without a new legalization program?

Paladino, who lost the Republican nomination to former Rep. Rick Lazio, is gathering petition signatures in an effort to receive a place on the Sept. 14 primary ballot. He’s also running on the Reform Party line.

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