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Port Chester’s Latino candidates reflect village’s diversity


Port Chester’s June 15 village trustee election is bringing an assortment of firsts. One of them is the unprecedented diversity of candidates for Port Chester village board. I wrote today about the three Latino candidates among the 14 people running for trustee — one each on the party slates and one independent. All six seats are up for election under cumulative voting.

Befitting Port Chester — where the Latino community draws from multiple nationalities and no one group seems to predominate — the three Hispanic candidates are originally from three different countries: Peru, Ecuador and Colombia. The Andean nations are quite well represented this time around, though Mexicans, Central Americans and Caribbeans also figure prominently into the population.

Data analyst Tim Henderson sent me this set of Census estimates from 2008 for Port Chester’s Latino population, broken down by region of origin.

Total Port Chester population: 27,773

Hispanic/Latino: 13,633

Mexican: 3,206, or 24 percent of Hispanics

Puerto Rican: 830, or 6 percent

Cuban: 514, or 4 percent

Dominican: 451, or 3 percent

Central American: 2,761, or 20 percent

South American: 5,618, or 41 percent

Other Hispanic/Latino: 253, or 2 percent

For more on the election click here, and check out portchestervotes.com.

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