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Morgenthau turns to immigration policy — “a national disgrace”


“I’m ashamed of what we do.”

Robert M. Morgenthau, the 90-year-old retired Manhattan D.A., made that comment this morning during an interview on the Brian Lehrer Show. He was referring to the U.S.  immigration detention system and describing his motivation to work on the issue. He said undocumented immigrants were being deprived of their constitutional rights, amounting to “a national disgrace” and “a stain on our reputation.”

The problem is not only the laws but the way they are being applied, Morgenthau said. He described a case in which 19 undocumented immigrants cooperated with an investigation that sent a man to jail for fraud. Now the 19 are facing deportation. The interview is linked here.

For the New York Times’ coverage of the detention system, including the efforts to withhold information about deaths in custody, click here.

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