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Asylum, Obama and his aunt in Boston


If you were calling for more attention to immigration during the presidential campaign, these late-breaking news reports about Sen. Barack Obama’s aunt and her asylum case probably weren’t what you had in mind.

But here it is, just as Election Day nears, the disclosure of Zeituni Onyango’s asylum denial, her unauthorized presence in the United States, and her residency in public housing. The story reminds me of the movie “The Visitor,” about an old asylum case that pops up when someone jumps a turnstile. AP reports that U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement has asked its inspector general and an internal office to find out whether the disclosure of Onyango’s status violated any policies. Obama has responded with a statement that the law must be followed.

The Sanctuary sees the story as a symbol of what’s wrong with the immigration debate, and Feet in 2 Worlds says it calls attention to the many “mixed status” families in the United States. American Spectator has unnamed sources saying her situation was known to the campaign. The Times of London says the timing of its story was nothing suspicious, and that the only mystery was why questions hadn’t been raised earlier.

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