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Ellis Island to widen its scope as immigration museum


The Ellis Island Iglobal.jpgmmigration Museum is broadening its scope beyond the years when the site was an immigrant gateway, from 1892 to 1954. Immigration before and after those years will be part of the “Peopling of America Center.” The $20 million center is slated to open in 2011.

It will touch on the modern illegal immigration issue but won’t dwell too closely on it, according to the New York Times. New exhibits will allow you to view the successive waves of immigrants in individual American towns, and see the movements of people around the globe over time.

An announcement of the expansion was celebrated last week during a naturalization ceremony. Among those who took the oath of citizenship was U.S. Army Specialist Franck Dorval, a New Rochelle resident originally from Haiti. ellis.jpg

(Photo: Statue of Liberty-Ellis Island Foundation)

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