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State Assemblyman gets a challenger


Some of you may remember former Brewster Mayor John Degnan. He was narrowly defeated last year in a three-way bid for Southeast supervisor by Michael Rights, who ran a fierce campaign on the hot button issue of illegal tjndc5-5b5f66juuz412i19bezi_thumbnail1.jpgimmigration.

Rights accused Degnan of being a slumlord, renting his village apartments to illegal immigrants. His claims were never proven. He also said Degnan was distributing identification cards to illegal aliens—untrue. Degnan had invited the Guatemalan consulate to the village to discuss it’s mobile ID card service that never came to fruition given the political climate in Brewster at the time.

Lastly, Rights claimed that Degnan was putting up a hiring site for Brewster’s day laborers. Team Brewster had considered those plans but they never materialized because they could not find a proper site.

State Assemblyman Greg Ball held a “Stop the Workstation,” rally last summer even though there were no plans to put one up. Now, Degnan will have another opportunity to go head-to-head with one of the area’s toughest anti-illegal immigration politicos.

The Southeast Republican Committee endorsed Degnan this week. No word from Degnan yet but some of his closest supporters say he’s in the race for state Assembly. tjndc5-5cp1ev7say8p50399tf_thumbnail2.jpgBall said he welcomes the challenge.

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