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News roundup: Census stats, ID cards and Latino voters


From today’s Journal News:

New York City and the northern suburbs are growing in population while other parts of the state continue to shrink, according to the latest numbers out from the Census Bureau. Immigration is making a key difference here. You can call up population data for each county here.

id.jpg Brewster police are warning local businesses not to place any credence in a “Non government photo ID card” that immigrants have been buying for $20 apiece as a form of identification, Marcela Rojas reports. The police have somehow stopped a merchant from selling the cards, even though they’re not technically illegal. Village Hispanic liaison Victor Padilla says many immigrants are desperate for any form of ID. A plan for the Guatemalan consulate to distribute IDs was canceled last year when political opponents of then-Mayor John Degnan said the plan would help illegal aliens get public benefits.

On the Opinion page, former Ossining Mayor Miguel Hernandez makes fun of the presidential candidates’ efforts to “woo” Latino voters. “We are a polite people,” he writes, “and seem to tolerate these lame efforts to bond with us.” He includes not one but two Puerto Rican proverbs involving chickens.

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