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Waiting for citizenship and hoping to vote?


If you’re one of the million-or-so people hoping to become a U.S. citizen in time to vote in November, here are some deadlines to keep in mind. I checked this out with Bob Brehm of the state Board of Elections today:

votingbooth.jpgThe general deadline to register to vote in New York is 25 days before the general election. That would be Oct. 10 this year. If you’re registering by mail for the Nov. 4 election, your application must be postmarked by Oct. 10 and arrive by the 15th.

There’s a little extra time if you are naturalized AFTER Oct. 10. In that case, you may register in person up until Oct. 24 at the Board of Elections office in the county where you live. But that’s specifically for those naturalized between Oct. 10 and 24. The rules are written in the New York State Election Law, Section 5-210, Paragraph 4.

Not every state allows this extra time. Given the spike in prospective citizens this year, it could make a difference to a lot of applicants.

(Photo: Kathy Gardner / The Journal News)

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