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David Paterson on immigration


So, just for the sake of discussion: If David A. Paterson were to become New York governor, what would that mean for immigrants?

paterson.jpgAs lieutenant governor, he has certainly spoken up for immigrants’ rights. In September, The Daily News reported on his enthusiasm over the fact that noncitizens, in 22 states, were once allowed to vote.

“Let’s just remember that America used to be a land of opportunity. We can bring it back,” he was quoted as saying at a breakfast before the West Indian American Day Carnival Parade. Paterson, who has Grenadian and Jamaican ancestry, said later that he wasn’t actually seeking a policy change.

Noncitizen voting, by the way, is one of the topics to be discussed Friday morning at an immigration forum at Dominican College in Sparkill, organized by the Rockland Immigration Coalition. Ron Hayduk will speak on “Non-citizen Voting in Local School Board Elections: An Old Idea Making a Comeback.” Legal, permanent residents were allowed to vote for New York City school boards until 2002, when the boards were dissolved.

(Photo: AP)

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