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Movies on the immigrant experience


Have you seen any movies that reflect the “old world vs. new world” conflicts in immigrant families, particularly between teenagers and their parents?

George Morris is looking for recommendations. A longtime ESL teacher who is semi-retired from the Yonkers schools, he is also involved in Catholic religious education in New Rochelle. Morris wanted to find movies that could help inspire discussion among a group of teen-agers who have had their confirmation and continue to meet to talk about issues in teen-age life. All are from immigrant families in New Rochelle, mostly Spanish-speaking.

curves.jpgHere are the recommendations he’s received so far after sending an email query out to ESL teachers across New York. The top response was “Real Women Have Curves.” Another popular one was “Quinceañera” (Morris notes that this one is rated R and has very strong sexual content and themes; some of these might not be suitable for the classroom).

The rest are:

  • “Bend It Like Beckham”
  • “West Side Story”
  • “Romeo and Juliet (with Leonardo DiCaprio)
  • “My Big Fat Greek Wedding”
  • “Mississippi Masala”
  • “Namesake”
  • “Double Happiness”
  • “The Joy Luck Club”
  • “Head-On” (German film)

Got any others?

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