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Another day labor program may fizzle


Day laborers in New Rochelle may lose their official hiring site, a church parking lot where a part-time coordinator monitors hiring from March through November. The program began in June of 2005 with help from a city councilman. With that councilman voted out, the site’s organizers say they’re not willing to keep donating their time and energy. And they note, unhappily, that many of the laborers were commuting up from the Bronx. My story is posted here.

Update: City Manager Charles Strome III says the city supports the day labor site and hopes to bring members of the community together to keep the program running. New Rochelle has contributed $3,000 to $5,000 a year in funding and would consider an increase, he said. The site is a huge benefit to the city, he said, in addressing complaints about the haphazard hiring system that used to take place on Union Avenue.

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